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massive blessings

How to take Action on Your Massive Blessings!

Many have asked me: “Deanna, how do I move forward in my life knowing the SPIRIT / God is bringing me what I desire, how do I know for sure it is coming? I have asked for things in the past and I still have not seen any results.”

The simple answer is taking action on what is being presented to you.

Many times we ask SPIRIT / God for something we want or feel is missing in our lives. SPIRIT / God then begins to bring about change in our immediate 3D world so we can experience what we have asked for. This requires change in our current trajectory, and an awareness that these changes bring about circumstances that allow us to experience new things. Too many times we find ourselves unaware that these changes are leading us in the direction of the desired outcome. We resist the change and wonder why there are sudden shifts in our otherwise comfortable circumstances.

Here are the action steps in creating and receiving your massive blessings:

  • Give gratitude for the blessings already in your life.

  • Ask for what you desire and be very specific about the outcome.

  • Walk foreword knowing that everything is orchestrated in Divine Order.

  • Listen within, and look for subtle indicators of your desire taking shape.

  • Remember sometimes that means that some things will change or leave in order to make room for the new. It may not be as you expected. Request clarity from SPIRIT / God as needed.

  • Become aware energies can change incrementally. Something small is given to you to see how you will process it. Then it will build as you are ready, willing, and able to go forward. SPIRIT / God works with each of us in a way we are able to change and receive what is in store for us.

  • Express gratitude as you become more and more aware of your massive blessings. A grateful heart is a happy heart.

Be gentle with yourself as you find new footing. When we make changes, or are jettisoned into them, it takes a moment to get our bearings, and adjust. Ask SPIRIT / God to help you, to assist you in flowing understanding, wisdom, and knowing. SPIRIT / God is working in your life, as well as the life of others. People will come into your life for a reason, season, or a lifetime. Flow in the moment. Have discernment. Reach out to others when you can and as you can. Breathe.

Your Radiant Love Assignment

Review the action steps in creating and receiving your massive blessings. Take a moment to think about each one. Place it in your life where you are right now. What is missing? Where can you make changes within? Be gentle and loving with yourself. Flow in the moment. Steer toward the future of massive blessings.

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